The Company
Bheros provides hands-on services for sales, marketing and investments. We work with natural resources such as energy, forest industry and forestry as well as textile industry. We also offer adventure and culture tourism and excursions.

Don΄t hesitate to contact us for any service, a visit program, market analyses, investment, sales support, legal service and just some good advice.

The history
It all started at the kitchen table in Brokind, Sweden, in 1996. Three friends had gathered to discuss how to assist South American companies to find new markets in Europe, and vice versa. Bheros (at that time the name was Asora) was formed and since then we have developed profitable business for more than 30 companies.

The Business
Bheros finds profitable solutions for companies looking for business development in Brazil and/or Scandinavia. Our key to success is not only our language skills, it is a combination between creativity, experience and knowledge in the business culture. We also think that business should be fun which often ends up in long business relationship with our clients.

Bheros offers
• Sales and marketing
• Real estate investments
• Sourcing of products
• Legal advice
• Market analysis
• Visit programs
• Project management
• Logistical support
• Forestry training
• Bio energy projects
• Taylor-made excursions and study tours

Bheros helps foreign companies find their way in Brazil, for example by finding new customers or suppliers. We conduct market research and visitor programs where we, together with the client, meet potential customers, manufacturers, industry organizations and authorities. It is not about writing reports, we instead take an active part in the activities.